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Car Care Tips

Under your car

safety first!

Make sure that if you're going to get under your car, that are on a hard, flat surface. Also make sure that you are wearing safety goggles and that you have strong supports under the car. We have all the tools to raise your car properly and offer you free estimmates.

engine light

no need to wait

if your engine, brake or other lights come on. don't wait until there is further damage to bring your vehicle in. a quick inspection will usually help you prevent costly and lengthy repairs.


only you can tell

it's fun to drive around with music, but at least once a day turn off the radio and listen for any unusual noises or knocking in your car. a lose bearing, brake pad or other, can cause some serious damage. you know your car better than anyone, so listen it to. if something's unusual, bring it in for a free inspection.

tire check

regular is better

Your tires can give you a safer, more enjoyable ride. make sure to check the tires air pressure on a regular basis. weather changes can cause pressure changes and can shorten the life of a tire. with gas prices so high, you may want to save some money on gas as well. come on by and we'll check for you.



It's very easy to get in our cars and go. Unfortunately we can't simply do that if our cars are not working properly. Regular maintenance is important

Maintain these:


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